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Based in Portland, Ore., known as the country's whitest metropolitan city, we activate Black joy, creativity, multi-generational healing, and ancestral resiliency within our buoyant Black community.

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The Center is respite where Black folks are

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We laugh. We gather. We honor Ubuntu.

Joy is at the center of everything we do, as within Black joy is healing.  And Black joy serves as an act of resistance, amidst the tidal waves of racial oppression.  So, all of the center's art and photos represent Black experiences.  Our programming reflects  Black culture.  Even our rugs are intentionally bold, bright and colorful.  Come visit us and find restoration in a space that looks and feels like you just stepped into grandmomma's house.

We laugh. We gather. We honor Ubuntu.

"I am because we are, and because we are, therefore, I am."

R.I.S.E. is an acronym for "Radically Inspiring Spaces of Empowerment."   Our hope is to inspire partnering opportunities like this across our city.

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This 24-page report is about a collaborative effort to reclaim a 2-acre park in a gentrified Portland neighborhood where the Black community had been pushed out over many years because of government-endorsed racist policies, practices and projects.  We decided to, infuse the park with Black culture, food, creative activities and community services - all intended to reclaim Black Joy.

Download 27-page report by clicking PDF link.

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