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Using Research to Change Lives

I Am MORE's research- and evidence-based programming  supports Black youth to:

  • Find belonging within a shrinking Black community that is physically spread out and immersed in externalized & internalized racism;

  • Become exposed to hands-on and paid professional development opportunities that ignite their career and/or creative or service passions;

  • Connect with community-based

      service-learning opportunities 

      grounded in social justice;

  • Explore entrepreneurship, through skill-building opportunities, mentorship, and competitive access to funding for youth-run businesses;

  • Organize, promote and participate in public events that provide space for youth voices to be centered, and to showcase youth leadership, creativity, ingenuity, and talent.

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Our Know Thyself Rite of Passage Summer Internship for Black Youth

Our paid internship introduces Black youth to evidence- and research-based programming developed by Dr. S. Renee Mitchell, the visionary founder of I Am MORE.  Her consulting company  has won multiple national awards for its culturally relevant, inside-out approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), which empowers Black youth to:

  • Engage in a deeply intensive leadership-building program with other Black youth.

  • Improve their social-emotional challenges through healing-focused, cultural programming, events and outings.

  • Raise their critical consciousness about historical and current racism.

  • Develop their capacity to engage in social-justice action projects.


Classes include:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Financial Literacy

  • Expressing Oneself

  • Black History

  • Mental Health Support

  • Screen Printing

  • Music Production

  • Video production

  • Podcasting

  • Creative Arts

  • Meditation / Self-care

  • Soulful Yoga

  • Drumming

Comments from our 2022  internship

Comments from our 2022 internship

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"I have grown a lot over the last seven weeks. My attitude has improved so much. I have gotten a lot better at controlling my temper/emotions.  This is going to help me so much as I am entering adulthood. I am very proud of my growth. I am proud of the woman I am becoming. I am so excited for my future.

~ intern Sanihaj

"Stories of activism, ownership, love and grief, Black history class taught me about the people who built the people who built me. I learned to voice, to make connections to the world and connect the world to who I am. I learned to show up, not just intellectually, physically, and mentally but spiritually. Black History changed the way I perceive the world around me and the way I perceive myself.      ~ intern Laya

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This 20-page booklet highlights the I Am MORE philosophies that ground our research-, evidence- and theory based approach that transitions Black youth from spirit-murder (i.e.racial trauma) in schools, society and sometimes within families and moves them toward emotional emancipation. This booklet provides information about Black students lives and self esteem.

We connect Black people back to their...
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